Take a look at a typical air duct system.

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We service buildings one vertical line at a time

We follow the air chute top to bottom sealing each individual vent opening.  The purpose is two-fold:  A) It prevents debris blowback into the premises.  B)  It allows our system to generate the proper Negair (negative air) level to complete the job most effectively.

And we do mean MOST EFFECTIVELY.  The nation’s foremost supplier of commercial critical filtration Negair (HEPA) vacuums manufactures our equipment.  Our dual twin-motor machines generate 10,000 CFM.  Our process and machinery is never to be compared or confused with any residential apparatus.  [They only generate 285 CFM v. our 10,000 CFM]

[STEP 1]  We begin working from the top of an isolated air line.  We use commercial air blowers, whips, wands and brushes designed to agitate and dislodge Dirt, Dust, Fungi, Pollen, Mold Spores, Plant Spores, Dust Mites, Bacteria, Animal Dander and Smoke Residue.  These pollutants are agitated, dislodged and HEPA vacuumed into our industrial strength collection machines

[STEP 2]  The cleaned section is thermal-fogged with an EPA & FDA approved HVAC Biocide.

[STEP 3]  An Airless Spray application of AIR DUCT ENCAPSULANT (ADE) (water based/environmentally safe) to the entire chute line.  ADE is a non-flammable, odorless, colorless, water-borne polymer adhesive.  ADE contains no Volatile Organic Compounds.  ADE dries to a uniform film coating approximately 1 to 2 mils thick when airless sprayed on duct lining surfaces.  ADE penetrates accumulated surface deposits and bonds them to the substrate surfaces. The coating of ADE will encapsulate the walls of the ductwork and retard the growth and spread of molds and mildew.  The process cuts off oxygen and traps elements that may have survived or been hidden from the cleaning process.  The encapsulant pressure seals contaminants that escaped or were hidden from a traditional duct cleaning under a new protective chute lining.


Sanitized areas are segregated with zone barriers to prevent re-contamination.

The procedure is repeated throughout the system.

Our process allows us to divide and conquer any system.


As we clean and HEPA vacuum the entire air chute top to bottom, we degrease and sanitize the individual diffusers and returns in the following manner:

  1. We protect the space we are working in (plastic, paper, tape and booties)
  1. We remove system diffusers and return registers (where possible and/or permitted)
  1. We treat the diffusers with a degreasing agent
  1. We seal the vent shaft opening with a protective barrier to prevent debris blow back
  1. We wash, degrease and sanitize all diffusers and return registers
  1. We remove the membrane covering the vent shaft opening
  1. We HEPA vacuum the vent openings and the surrounding area
  1. We degrease and sanitize the vent openings
  1. We reattach sanitized diffusers and return registers
  1. We thermal-fog the chute with an Approved HVAC Biocide Treatment
  1. We seal the chute with an airless spray of an FDA Approved air duct encapsulant
  • We leave the space the way we found it (only cleaner)


  • Accessibility & Cooperation is Critical
  • We are an Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Service.  We just clean.  We are not responsible for any mechanical work or fabrication.  We will make note of and report any system irregularities we find.  Our process yeilds an independent system analysis.
  • There is a realistic possibility that minor cosmetic touch-up may be necessary (an insignificant tradeoff to remove years of accumulated slime.)
  • There are circumstances where vents or diffusers can not be removed
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