1-800-CHUTE-ME can help protect you from an evolving class of lawsuits involving alleged injuries stemming from indoor air exposure to pollutants including toxic molds and fungi, sometimes resulting in substantial damage awards.  1-800-CHUTE-ME utilizes a unique proprietary process that covers every square inch of ductwork.  We clean and sanitize with an Airless Spray application of our exclusive air duct encapsulant (sealant). The product is so safe it does not require EPA registration.  Our technology cuts off oxygen to toxic molds and mildews and traps any physical entities that have escaped or been hidden from a traditional air duct cleaning.  Fifteen years of experience have taught us that encapsulation enhances duct cleaning.  Chute, duct and vent cleaning without sealing is a waste of time and money.  Our sealant applies a new pressure sealed protective chute lining.  Our process is more than just a cleaning or maintenance service, it is a capital improvement.                                                                        

Tenants can take many causes of action against building owners and managers including:  breach of lease;  negligence;  negligent misrepresentation; fraud and concealment;  unfair business practices;  breach of warrant of habitability;  constructive eviction;  strict liability for a hazardous condition;  nuisance;  personal injury;  or emotional distress.  Potential damages can involve the investigative cost; abatement cost; cost of repair; physical injury; medical expenses; loss of wages/profits; emotional distress and lost consortium.

If you are going through the time, expense and intrusion of a thorough air chute/duct cleaning it clearly makes $ense to encapsulate.   If you are not considering air duct cleaning, you should be.  Never forget that a very dangerous wind has blown through our area.  Most air movement systems have never been completely cleaned, even in post 911 New York.  Toxic molds and poisons have accumulated and are continuously multiplying and being circulated in our homes and offices by air chute/duct systems. 

Professionally clean, sanitize and seal your air movement systems Today (supply, circulation and exhaust).  Proper air chute sanitizing has a cost attached to it but it makes buildings infinitely less dangerous then relying on what the EPA and most public officials have passed on to us about their safety.  Think of 1-800-CHUTE-ME every time you look overhead at a filthy air vent.  They are everywhere you, your tenants, your employees and most importantly your children are living, working and breathing.  You can’t imagine what is in these systems.  We know and it’s not pretty or healthy.  You wouldn’t consider drinking water that flowed through them but you don’t think twice about breathing what they supply. 

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