Large Ship & Yacht HVAC Ventilation


1-800-CHUTE-ME is a fully insured environmental cleaning company. We employ a unique state of the art proprietary chute, duct and vent cleaning process. Our exclusive method internally cleans, sanitizes and seals HVAC systems in sea going vessels.

You should Clean, (HEPA) Vacuum, Sanitize and Seal your HVAC ventilation & duct system every two years. Contaminated air supplied by dirty ventilation equipment and ducting spells trouble on board. Moist sea air produces damaging mold, bacteria and fungus that constantly attack your air movement system.

We clean your ventilation equipment from stem to stern. Protect the internal environment of your investment. Your indoor air quality [IAQ] improves and the cleaning is energy-saving. There is no intelligent argument for not maintaining your ships air supply and distribution properly. A good rule of thumb is if you would not drink through it, you should not breath through it.

Many components of sea going HVAC systems are invisible and easily and often overlooked. Expensive furnishings, curtains, carpets and sensitive equipment can be ruined by a polluted ventilation system. Dust lined ducts and greasy vents spread fires. Ships that do not ventilate properly do not change fresh air as frequently as is necessary or healthy. A dirty ventilation system does not control moisture loads within a ship or yacht correctly.

Pre-commissioned new ship HVAC ventilation and duct systems need attention as well. Eliminate construction dust, debris and particulates that find their way into your ventilation system before the vessel is put into operation. Your ventilation system started out clean when it was installed. By the time your ship is delivered metal fillings, carpet fibers and other debris and particulates from metalwork, carpentry, painting, varnishing and other finishing work has accumulated in the new ductwork. Let us put your vessel in ship shape order.

We do it the 1-800-CHUTE-ME way. We have been cleaning, (HEPA) vacuuming, sanitizing and sealing duct work with a small team of expertly trained and experienced technicians in the New York metropolitan area for the past fifteen years. Our techs are uniformed, carry photo Id’s and wear protective booties and masks. They are accustomed to working in luxury environments. All exposed areas are protected with plastic sheeting, Kraft Paper & 3M no-residue/non-stick blue tape.

Do not expose yourself, your loved ones, your crew, invited guests and your ship to harmful quality of life and health concerns.

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