1-800-chute-me covers every square inch of ductwork we sanitize with our Airless Spray application of a non toxic, HAZ MAT approved air duct encapsulant. It is so safe there is no EPA registration required. The technology cuts off oxygen to toxic molds and mildews and traps any physical entities that may have escaped the cleaning process. Years of experience have taught us that encapsulation enhances duct cleaning by leaving behind a new pressure sealed protective chute lining. If you are going through the time, expense and intrusion of a thorough air chute cleaning it certainly makes $ents

Proper encapsulation expands the life expectancy of a duct cleaning tenfold. Our encapsulant leaves a slick surface that allows air and particles to move more freely. Our air duct encapsulant prevents the accumulation of impurities in “dull spots” or areas where there was previous contamination. Problems tend to accumulate in the same locations even with a duct cleaning if you don’t encapsulate. Our air duct encapsulant applies a smooth surface to thoroughly HEPA vacuumed porous sheet metal and insulated ductwork. By encapsulating you are cutting down your expo$ure to liability. You are effectively neutralizing many of the problems that initiated your project. The most important consideration being the accumulation of toxic molds and mildews and their off gassing (i.e.: sick building syndrome).

Our air duct encapsulant is a non-flammable, odorless, colorless, water-borne polymer adhesive. Our air duct encapsulant contains no Volatile Organic Compounds. Our air duct encapsulant dries to a uniform film coating approximately 1 to 2 mils thick when airless sprayed on insulated or sheet metal surfaces. Our air duct encapsulant will reduce fiber emissions into ambient air when airless sprayed onto duct surfaces. Our air duct encapsulant is like a new duct lining.

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