1-800-CHUTE-ME is a fully insured environmental cleaning company. We employ a unique state of the art proprietary chute, duct and vent cleaning process. Our exclusive method internally cleans, sanitizes and seals air, trash and dryer chutes in hospitals, hotels, hi-rise apartment buildings and commercial facilities.

Remove your Bathroom vent.  {FORGET THE PAINT, THE PAPER, THE TILE OR WALL COVERINGS FROM 10 OR 20 YEARS AGO.  IT WILL BE DELT WITH LATER.]  Hard to believe something so disgusting is living (that’s right LIVING) just a few feet from you and your family in your most private room.  Disgusting. 

Dryer exhausts are even worse; they are deadly. If you are going to service your air ducts, dryer vent or compactor chute do it with the company that cleans thousands each year.


1-800-CHUTE-ME provides the finest specialized cleaning experience, technology and cutting edge neutralants has to offer.  We perfected a process that rids buildings of years of accumulated toxins in their trash chutes, dryer exhausts and air movement systems.

1-800-CHUTE-ME is the most experienced chute cleaning company in the New York Metropolitan area.  We have flourished for 15 years with a name and number you can not hide from.  We serve homes and buildings just like yours.  We clean up conspicuous and inconspicuous indoor air quality (IAQ) problems such as:  fire damage, soot residue, offensive odors, infestation and yes, even ground zero fallout.  Every building on planet earth deserves our improvement in air quality and safety.  Hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) filthy, blocked, contaminated air, trash & dryer chutes are what our unique process and equipment is all about.

Global Headquarters:
7 Portland Place
Montclair, NJ 07042

NY Address:
River Ave & E 161st St.,
Bronx, NY 10462

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